Single mom started crying when she was asked a simple question

Have you ever talked to some strangers, ever asked about their plan of vacation or anything else.

Well, today we have come up with a similar story in which a single mother was asked a simple question by another lady and she broke into tears.

#1 It was a completely normal day for everybody inside McDonalds until an old lady asked something to single mom, who was before cash counter.

#2 The question was “what you are going to gift your daughter this Christmas”.

#3 The mom started crying after hearing the question.

#4 It didn’t take seconds to understand that mother’s condition was not so good to fulfil her little one’s needs.

#5 Then the old lady disclosed her identity and said that she was working on a project named ‘random acts of kindness’.

#6 She gave a hundred bucks to the mom to spent on her daughter.


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