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Shia LaBeouf Attending Rehab?


Shia LaBeouf was seen at the front of ‘celebrity frequented’ rehab facility.

The actor may be there to seek treatment as he had been making headlines for past few months for public outbursts.

Shia LaBeouf Attending Rehab

One website reported the 27-year-old actor is getting help a a treatment center in Hollywood.

The “Transformers” actor was seen being greeted by a nurse at the gate of the rehab. A photographer present there said Shia was looking a bit nervous. He was looking down and was not talking to his driver too.

However, a close source later said the “Fury” actor didn’t checked into a treatment facility.

Over the weekend he arrived in LA from New York City and there he was arrested by the cops on Thursday for disrupting a “Cabaret” performance on Broadway. On the same day, earlier, he was spotted engaging with a homeless man.

Few days ago he even was spotted attempting to get into fight with a man.

Not only these three incidences, the actor has done many more unusual things. Earlier this year, he even donned a brown paper bag at the Berlin Film Festival. The bag was written as, “I am not famous anymore.” However, later he said that his such behavior had to do with a performance art piece.