Sheer Obsession – Kim Kardashian Dressed in Paris Fervour

The Paris fever seems to have caught her real tightly now. Kim’s pursuits continue as till Tuesday in the Love city Paris.

The versatile diva was spotted walking on a zebra crossing elegantly but swiftly. She seemed to be racing against time, perhaps to one of her next Parisian Hangouts!

Sheer Obsession - Kim Kardashian Dressed in Paris Fervour

33 year-old, Kim put on another sheer outfit, even more tantalizing than her previous ones. With an edgy pair of transparent trousers mixed and matched with a black jumper over a tailored overcoat, she looked Sheer-iously drowned with the style fervour of the Paris city.

The reality star tried something different this time. Experimenting with her hairstyle, she ditched her regular blow-dry and opted a wet-style hair. This is not it, she even put on an oversized sunglass to cover her eyes from the bright sunrays.

Kim’s support to her younger sister Kendall Jenner was quite evident at Paris Fashion Week.But the mother-of-one had to miss out on her sister Kendall’s appearance in the Chanel show due to some pre-planned photo shoots at the Studio Zero on Tuesday.

Ever since, she came to Paris, Kim’s dressing sense has undergone a noticeable change. Recently she can be seen favouring sheer outfits such as the daring lace jumpsuit, which she wore at the Givenchy show, this sunday evening or the elegant exposive cleavage-baring blouse just the next day.

On Monday, the star was seen to run into her old stylist friend Rachel Zoe during a lunch in the city.


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