She went for a run and her leg exploded

People believe that running is the best and easiest exercise ever. But wait, it’s not always good. I mean here in this story, the lady went on a run but rather feeling good, her leg exploded.

Let us know what had actually happened:

#1 Meet Melisa King. She was preparing herself for a 10 KM race since eight weeks.

She went for a run but her leg exploded2

#2 And she completed the race successfully within 2 hours.

#3 But she noticed soon that something started happening with her legs. It was actually swelling.

#4 Swelling became twice and then thrice of her leg in no time.

She went for a run but her leg exploded3

#5 She along with her family rushed to hospital where after few tests, doctors advised her to go for operation.

#6 Without wasting any time, she said ok.

#7 She eventually got an 8-inch scar over her leg, but obviously scar is good than not having leg.

She went for a run but her leg exploded4


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