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She Was Told She Shouldn’t Be Wearing A Bikini


Body positivity has been taking the world by storm lately, and I couldn’t be happier! For those of you that don’t know, body positivity is intended to boost up all body types—whether you’re thin, fit, fat or whatever moniker you identify with, ALL bodies are beautiful. Further more, everyone is entitled to wear whatever the heck they want!

However, there are some people that seem to disagree with this phenomenon, stating that body positivity promotes obesity, which is not the case! Whether you like it or not, everyone is allowed to love their body—no one should ever feel shame for loving themselves, no matter what their weight. No one should ever be shamed for wearing what they want, and what they feel comfortable in—even bikinis, and YouTuber LoeyLane agrees. Watch as she lists off the most common things people have to say about fat girls in bikinis, and shuts every single one of them down. YAS girl. YAS!