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She Fell Asleep With Her Feet On The Dashboard And Minutes Later, Her Life Is Changed


In 2010, a 22-year-old Michigan girl Bethany was driving home with her boyfriend. She was enjoying the journey and was sitting in a quite comfortable posture. But, unfortunately, their car collided with a small vehicle on the way. And a tragic accident happened that changed that young girl’s life forever.

She lost the fun of her life due to her silly mistake. After four years of the accident, she decided to share the tragic story with everyone so that they can learn with her mistakes, stay vigilant and be prepared for everything. The moral of the story is: stay aware, be careful and have a safe journey because nothing is as precious as life.

Everything was as usual as any other day for her.
22-year-old Bethany was driving home from her aunt’s house with her boyfriend. She sat on the passenger seat. She was enjoying the journey with her partner.

She does something without giving a second thought to it.
a second thought
She wanted to get a little more comfortable, so she stretched out, got comfy, popped the seat back and put her feet atop the dashboard.

Then unfortunately happened a tragic accident.
tragic accident
The front half of the car was totally smashed. The onlookers of that terrible accident were uncertain about the lives of those who were inside the car.

Hopefully, the young girl and her boyfriend survived but their life was not the same as before.
The bones of Bethany’s feet were broken and the air bags directly slammed her face. This accident left her with a displaced jaw and a broken eye socket, cheek bone and nose.

She lost even the memories of the tragic accident that changed her life forever.
the memories
She doesn’t remember what happened to her, but she suffers from it every day. She takes 20 pills each morning to fight with the pain. The accident happened four years ago. She is 26 now and wants her story to reach the masses, so that others learn from her mistake.

She was hurt badly and the accident taught her a life-changing lesson.
hurt badly

The wounds and impact of that accident are fresh even after four years.
after four years

She warns everyone with a message: Stay prepared and be careful.
be careful

Have a safe journey.
safe journey
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