She cheated people saying ‘she has cancer’ and collected more than $25,000

Meet a lady who cheated people whole her life by saying that “she has cancer and she needs money for the medical expenses”.

Mary Bennett, a 29 year old nurse, from Georgia, United States, cheated people by saying she had cancer and the people started donating her.

Until she exposed, she had collected more than 25,000 dollars (in a period of six years).

She cheated people saying 'she has cancer' and collected more than $25,0001

People who know her say that “she managed everything so cleverly that no one could get suspicious on her. She managed reports, she managed her photos in hospital, she even managed to show herself without hairs (usually happens because of chemotherapy)”.

However, people now are very furious on her for cheating with them.

Hope, she will soon get punishment for what she did.


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