Seven things that you should always tell (do) to keep him happy

In an relationship, male and female both have to put the same efforts to keep their relationship healthy and happy. Most of time, it is said how the boys should treat with their girls to keep them happy.

But the women also need to do the same.

So today we are listing seven things which a girl should always tell or do to keep the relationship healthy:

#1 Telling him that he is very special for him makes him feel good

#2 Tell him that he has a very supportive, caring, kind nature (if it is true)

#3 Try to listen and think what he is saying and even share your idea about the same thing

#4 Encourage him, at least by words if he feels down

#5 Trust him, never argue him on some unnecessary stuff, just ask him calmly if you are getting doubt

#6 Always try to say ‘I Love You’ whenever you get time

#7 Always share how you were missing him when he was not with you


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