Seven signs which tell your partner is no more in love with you

Sometimes, Loving a person only is not enough for ‘never ending relationship’. You, as a partner, have to find out ways to keep the charm between two of you alive.

Well, here today we have brought few signs which reveal that your partner is no more in love with you.

#1 If he/she ignores to be with you in public.

#2 If you have to always convince him/her about your relationship.

#3 If he/she finds few things annoying which once was cute for him/her.

#4 If he/she ignores to stand by you, whenever you are in need.

#5 If he/she constantly looks for a second option.

#6 If he/she forgets about you while doing something or planning something.

#7 If he/she doesn’t get excited about some surprize plan with you.


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