Seven questions that every girl is dying to ask to guys

There are several things in the world, which either only be understood by men or women. Here today we have brought few question, which every girl is dying to ask to guys.

Let’s get started:

#1 About hanging part in between our legs – How it feels to have something always hanging in between legs?

#2 About our balls – How it feels having two balls always hanging and bumping each other all the time when you walk?

#3 Another one about hanging device between legs – What makes you feel good when you start getting “boner” in the middle of crowd?

#4 About out haircut – How it feels when you pay only $10 for having a haircut in men salon?

#5 Another one for hanging part – Does you hanging part between legs ever dip into toilet?

#6 About peeing – Can you pee when your hanging part is ‘hard’?

#7 Another one about peeing – Can you pee without holding the little soldier?


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