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Seven celebrities with their weird beliefs


Celebrities are just normal people with well-known face. They too have several qualities and disqualities, but today what we have brought about them, will surely leave in shock.

Well, today we are sharing the ‘weird beliefs’ of some celebrities:

Let’s get started:

#1 Megan Fox – She believes that the mythical creatures like leprechauns and Bigfoot exist.

Eight celebrities with their weird beliefs1

#2 Axl Rose – He believes that the Cities start with ‘M’ letter are not good. And they are cursed.


#3 Lady Gaga – She used to believe that her ‘creative juices’ would vanish if had sex. However, she doesn’t  believe the same as she is married now.

lady gaga

#4 Russell Crowe – He believes that he has seen UFO and even he has evidence of it. He thinks that authorities are trying to ‘cover-up’.

Russell Crowe

#5 Kesha – She believes that she once had sex with GHOST.


#6 Missy Elliott – She believes that the Black Cats are bad luck, and whenever she sees any, she immediately turns back to home.

Missy Elliott

#7 Fran Drescher – She believes that she was once kidnapped by Aliens when she young.