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Selena Gomez House Party Too Noisy; Cops Called


Even celebs party, have fun and make noise, which results with calling of cops. The same happened with Selena Gomez yesterday.

Rekindling her love again with Justin Bieber, the “Birthday” singer called her friends for the party to her house that got out of hand and cops were called.

Selena Gomez House Party Too Noisy; Cops Called

Lost Hills Police Department spokesperson said they responded to the call at around 10:30 p.m. yesterday night that originated from Selena Gomez’s house. He added that the complaint was about loud music complaint. However, when the party people contacted the music sound was turned down.

Media report says the music sound of the party was real loud and a neighbor complained that it rattled the windows.

The police added that the party was not very big.

Today, Gomez also shared one photo of her from the party via her Instagram account. It is a black and white pic of friends in the part and white piano could also be seen.

She captioned the photo as: “Tacos, live music and candles. such a beautiful night with beautiful people.”

Day before yesterday, during the day time, Gomez spent most of her time with Bieber, riding on his motorcycle and partying at Los Angeles hotspot Bootsy Bellows.