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Selena Gomez Gets Inked, Tries Arabic Font!


She is beautiful, gorgeous and also inked with a classic Arabic font and design!

One may say it is a message for the young singer and her Ex, Justin Bieber that Gomez, 21has decided to lift her up and top the priority list in which she would be pleasing her own self more than anything else. To her, the only way to do this was to get a new tattoo at her back below the breasts.

Selena Gomez Gets Inked, Tries Arabic Font!

The famous Spring Breakers diva, who was once with Bieber made headlines yet again when she visited Bang Bang McCurdy, the well known New York tattoo artist for this classy ink design.
The new tattoo is an Arabic script and can be translated as “Love Yourself First” in English.

McCurdy on Wednesday uploaded a snap shot of the singer turned actor’s new body art on 16 July and captioned the photo as “A cute gift for my cute friend @selenagomez”

This isn’t the actor’s first tattoo. The former Disney Star singer has numerous tattoos that include small phrases in cursive below her back, another of a music note on the right hand wrist and lastly a 76 inked in Roman number on the neck which is the birth year of her mother.

Call it an inspiration from the heavily tattooed boyfriend Bieber, but Selena said “I live life on my conditions now.” The singer-couple made several public declarations taking forms of body art, for example Bieber got a new wrist tattoo done which resembled Gomez.