Sandra Bullock’s Stalker Possesses Illegal Weapons

The stalker of Sandra Bullock is found to have illegal weapons in his home and that included machine gun too.

Police searched Joshua James Corbett’s house after he was arrested on June 8 while invading Bullock’s house in Los Angeles.

Sandra Bullock's Stalker Possesses Illegal Weapons

The 39-year-old is reported to have been so delusional that he thought himself as Bullock’s husband and also the father of her son Louis. Details have come out from police and he is arrested on charges of breaking into the actress’ home.

A letter was found found from his house that he wrote a day before breaking-in into Bullock’s house. The letter read, “I love you. You are very special to me and without you in my life there is only misery.”

Corbett also wrote in the letter that Bullock is his girl and she is her wife by the law of God.

Police said the man made had forced opened a locked sunroom glass door in Bullock’s house.

Bullock was awakened by banging noises from her third-floor gym at around 6:30 in the morning. She saw a dark-clad stranger moving towards the stairs. She locked her inside and called the police.

While the police were taking Corbett away he shouted at Bullock that he is sorry and not to press charges against him.

Corbett is now in jail and awaiting trial. If he is convicted he may face seven years in prison.


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