Sandra Bullock Freaks Out as Stalker Joshua Corbett Invades Her House

Unbelievable! Sandra Bullock confronts her home intruder. Stalker managed getting in at her L.A. residence on 15 July.

After getting caught a search warrant has been issued to search the Joshua Corbett’s home for weapons.

Sandra Bullock Freaks Out as Stalker Joshua Corbett Invades Her House

Bullock, the Oscar winning actress, heard a banging sound in her $16 million worth mansion and as she went to lock her room door she saw Corbett standing in the hallway, clad in a garb.

Bullock reacted by slamming the door and quickly locked it and cried for help calling 911. The warrant says that the star had just taken a shower and was going to bed with Corbett present in the vicinity of the house.

After being arrested by cops, Corbett shouted outside the house, “Please don’t lodge charges. I am sorry!”

The 39-year-old man brought a notebook with several images of Bullock and had handwritten notes alongside saying, “I think of you as my wife and Louis as my son. You are mine and I am yours.”

Bullock was present at her home when this break-in happened and Louis, her 4 year old son was with an old nanny in the premises of the house when the invasion happened.
As per our sources, Bullock was taken aback and “had freaked out by the intrusion,” and she hired “24*7 security guards” the next day.

Corbett is charged against burglary, stalking and 19 other felony counts as he possessed weapons that included six machine guns. He may be put behind bars for 12 years, if convicted.


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