Sam Claflin Admits Falling More For Laura Haddock After Marriage

They’re just some days away from celebrating their first anniversary after getting married last year, in July 2013.

And it is not wrong to say that the couple is still not over with the honeymoon saga after the marriage, after the actor’s comments on their marriage.

Sam Claflin Admits Falling More For Laura Haddock After Marriage

Claflin, 27, reveals his love and romance with his wife who is the July edition actress of British Glamour magazine. Claflin says “I find myself falling harder and deeper in love with her, every single minute.”

Sam started dating Laura after their rendezvous at a mutual friend’s party, 2 years back in 2011. He calls his marriage ‘one of the greatest achievements’ of his life.

He can’t stop raving about his wife and says “Blessed I am, to have a wife who is so wondrous, creative and imaginative. She planned every inch of our marriage and made the D day more special.”

Sam also spoke about his The Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence and called her ‘an inspiration’ for him.

The 27-year old star narrates his romance with Laura in the July edition of British Glamour Magazine.

At first, he says he couldn’t belive that he was married to a young, talented klutz who won an Oscar at an age of 28. Later he couldn’t stop praising her for her beauty and finally said that the entire world also loves her but nothing in comparison to his love.


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