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Sad happenings with Lindsay lohan


Who does not want to be a big star these days as several realities shows going on in every part of the country around the globe and increasing number of people are registering for it.One of such an actress and vocal star is Lindsay lohan. She began her career as an actress when she was very young, now she has become a very popular artist.

But currently she had reported a bad news to the media saying that she suffered from miscarriage. The actress said that the 27 year old artist revealed to the media while breaking down to tears the reason of taking break from filming. She further said it was a breakdown for her and that she didn’t wanted to appear on the television shows and didn’t want to reveal her story anymore further as it disturbs her.

Lindsay lohan

Lindsay lohan

Although she did not enclose the name of the father of her child it has been a secret till now. As it can be sad for every mother so it is sad for her also, she stated also that lots of things were going into her life and she cried lots of time alone in her house.

The artist also claimed that she had learned lots from this happening. She revealed that the miscarriage happened during the filming of her own reality shows on Sunday. After her rehab this has been the time she were in the headlines, also as said on the show she was asked to come down but she didn’t as she was in pain and couldn’t move, also mentally it is very frustrating for her to be in that state. Also she said to the producers that they love when she cries because as she is still fighting herself as an addict.