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Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively’s Honeymoon Ended Not-So-Romantic


Ryan Reynods and Blake Lively’s honeymoon had a chilly ending. Literally.

The actor explained that the couple had to leave their warm honeymoon destination and go for the icier temperatures in Canada for shooting his latest film, The Captive. The star said during the press conference of the film in Cannes Film Festival, that he had to drag his pretty wife from their warm honeymoon in Africa to Ontario Canada, where it was minus 40 degrees on the thermometer.

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively's Honeymoon Ended Not-So-Romantic

And the star who also happens to be from Canada, said that the couple had to camp in a small roadside hotel for a month, which apparently was their biggest challenge. We don’t doubt it!

Blake, the blond hottie, who was born and raised in Calif., had a much better time coping with the extreme icy temperatures than her husband. That’s ironic!

The new movie tells the story of a father who is suspected of kidnapping her daughter. Ryan co-stars with Scott Speedman and Rosario Dawson in the movie.

This week at the red carpet in Cannes Film Festival, the 26-year old blonde satr of the Gossip Girls stunned everyone in her oxblood Gucci Première gown and her Chanel Couture frock. She is attending the festival as the L’Oreal Paris’ beauty ambassador, and also supporting her husband, who happens to be onesexiest men in Hollywood at the moment.