Russian people are getting buried alive to cure their ‘fear of deaths’

It’s very well said that to overcome a fear, you need to face it.

And applying the same logic, a Russian man, Sergey Volko, has come up with an idea of ‘overcoming fear of deaths’.

And surprisingly, his idea has gone viral and people are queuing to get into the ‘stunt’.

In the stunt, people have to dig their own grave and lie in a coffin for an indefinite period of time after going underground.

This can also help in curing, claustrophiobia, according to some experts.

But a woman, who went to take part in this stunt, has complaint that “Volko isn’t professional and there is breach of confidentially in the practice and anybody could take pictures of ‘stunt’”.

However, despite of negative feedbacks, this stunt is making him rich day by day, as he charges 35 Pounds to each participants.


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