Rosamund Pike pregnant but shows no sign of Pregnancy

Some are just robots in the skin of humans. Yes, she is no different.

Even though she’s seven months pregnant, Rosamund is still as good as ever.She’s determined and is not cutting on her heavy work schedule and workload hours.

Rosamund Pike pregnant but shows no sign of Pregnancy

The 35-year-old is well known for her efforts and dedication. She has been amid a lot of things recently which include jetting around the world. She was seen promoting her new flick Gone Girl in various parts of the world with her co-stars Ben Affleck and Tyler Perry.

The English brunette flew to London on Monday to catch up with her old friend Charlotte Hawkins. The fun fact is that both the beauties are pregnant. They are known to work together for an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster with some other favourite and famous faces from Great Britiain as per sources.

“The challenges are many, but the success rate for me is 100” said the Pregnant mom who is expecting a boy. She says she will be a “perfect mom” but right now is busy being “perfect actor”

Talking about her flick, she explains that she is not a gullible lady and definitely not a man’s fantasy. Her role is quite different and challenging.

‘My character would be someone who just doesn’t care. No bashfulness and a totally free soul. That’s what i’ll be.” She added.

She is expected to be in London for sometime before the shoots begin. The star was greeted with a royal treatment when she reached there.


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