Robert Pattinson: “Weird Things” please me, especially when I am working

Robert Pattinson, has admitted the fact that he is fascinated by ‘weird things’ while at work. So this is an Attention call to all filmmakers who wish to work him.

A desolate desert far way will be an apt location for a flick starring Pattinson as he tells in an interview. Still not over his new drama The Rover, that was released on June 20 in LA and NYC, he adds that he loved the adventure and thrills of the South Australian desert for he couldn’t worry any less about the pesky paparazzi.

Robert Pattinson - Weird Things please me, especially when I am working

He cherished the time when he didn’t have to be looking over his shoulder during the shoots. Further at the LA premiere he admitted that “I love weird things in between the work as it takes a lot of creativity and efforts to really get to it otherwise I would prefer to be somewhere in a corner”.

Despite raving continuously about the paparazzi-free location Pattison said he isnot sure about moving there or living in any similar area in the near future. He currently refers to himself as a “homeless” actor.

Pattison is playing a role of an injured young man in The Rover. The man is enlisted by an ex-soldier who helps him in finding his car. This David Michôd-directed flick is a tale of a post-Apocalyptic world whose a location is never identified in the movie.

Pattinson will be seen speaking in a southern American accent for this character.


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