Robbers looted $8,60,000 from a moving train and no one knows how

Looting a moving train looks good in movies, but in real it is very hard and almost impossible. But wait, recently a group of robbers looted around $8,60,000 from a moving train and made this impossible, possible.

Here is the full story:

#1 The train called Saleem Express, running from Saleem to Chennai, India, was carrying more than $5,00,00,000 (345 Crores INR).

#2 Robbers somehow managed to get on the trains roof and drilled a hole for getting into the trains compartment which was sealed from both sides.

#3 The money was kept into two completely secured wooden trunks.

#4 Authority knew about this robbery, only when the train reached at its destination.

#5 By now, no one knows how they broke that secured wooden trunks and how they managed to flee from the high speed train.

#6 Investigation has been launched.


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