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Rihanna Wasn’t Laughing, She Was Supporting: Ariana Grande


Araina Grande has finally spoken out about Rihanna ‘s giggle-fest during her performance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Speaking in an interview with the Australian radio program The Bump Show, she answered her host’s questions about what she thought regarding reports of Rihanna’s laughathon during her performance.

Rihanna Wasn't Laughing, She Was Supporting - Ariana Grande 2

She said that she hadn’t personally seen Rihanna laughing at her, but when she reviewed it later she thought that Rihanna was just shocked that she had tried something so different.

While the viewers had immediately concluded that Rihanna was mocking the pop star, Grande explained that there are no problems between the two.

She added that Rihanna was very kind to her after the performance and congratulated her saying, “Lil’ mama keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working.”

According to her, she thought it was funny that people tried to make such an issue out of nothing, when Rihanna was just trying to be playful and supportive. She thinks that people always try to make a big deal out of small non-incidents because they are bored.

And besides Rihanna had a lot of other things to worry about this weekend like her Instagram account.

Earlier today, Rihanna’s Instagram page was blocked, sparking speculation that her account was taken down by the company because of her baring photos posted on the site.

But the photo sharing site released a statement saying that the actresses account was caught in one of their automated review systems and very briefly disabled. Her account was up within a few seconds later.