Rihanna Strips Jewelry, Boots At Airport To Pass Metal Detector

Rihanna is not a VIP as everyone thinks if it is a check-in at an airport.

On Thursday she had to undergo a thorough security check before taking a flight out of Miami.

Rihanna Strips Jewelry, Boots At Airport To Pass Metal Detector

The 26-year-old had to remove all the jewelries from her body and clothing piece-by-piece to finally silent the metal detector from beeping.

It is learned from witnesses that the singer seemed upset while she was forced to take off her jewelries one-by-one. At the end she was also asked to open her black leather boots. Probably the steel toe on her footwear was the reason for her struggle to pass through the metal detector. Opening it she was free from the beeps and was allowed to check-in.

The singer, born as Robyn Fenty, was in dark tresses in a high ponytail. She had donned a black choker along with a series of chains and delicate necklaces as well. A leather biker jacket was wrapped around her shoulders.

After the stripping episode and little unpleasantness, she appeared to be in a good mood for rest of the day on her travel. She looked moving through the terminal at easy pace.

In the latest nude images leaks Rihanna too is a victim. Two of her topless photos appeared online via 4chan and Reddit very recently.

The hardest hit celebs include American actress Amber Heard. More than fifty of her private images have hit the Web on public domain.


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