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Rihanna Spotted Late Night: Recording of The Next Album Begins


She’s back and boom!! Busy at the recording studio, Rihanna is known to work on her upcoming eighth studio album tracks.

It isn’t a surprise to see the night star Rihanna was in a good arriving later night for her recording session in NYC on Thursday.

Rihanna Spotted Late Night- Recording of The Next Album Begun

She walked her path with a hunker dress and was casting her magic all around. She had put some comfortable fashion-forwards with revealing attire and bundled it all up against the cold night breezes.

The 26 year singer was clad in black colored baggy tracksuit pants over a black T-shirt and sandy-coloured boots. She covered herself in a striking black and white hooded jacket. Her hands clutched a tiny water bottle.

She wore her black hair in the form of a twisted bun and flaunted her wispy side-swept fringe on her pretty face.

Absolutely gorgeous, her eyes were sparkling brilliantly over her golden and glowing complexion. She kept the make-up to a minimum with just the application of a light rouge on her lips and cheeks. She had also put some mascara and eyeliner to complete her look.

After the failure of her last album, Unapologetic in making headlines, RiRi is expected to some great work this time after her last appearance as music creator in November 2012.

Rihanna is also rumored to launch a concept album corresponding to the 3D animated film Home. She has rendered her voice to one of the characters of the movie.