Home News Rihanna Reunites With Fans, Followers On Instagram

Rihanna Reunites With Fans, Followers On Instagram


Its a grand comeback. Rihanna has returned to Instagram after around six years of absence on it.

The R&B singer reunited with her fans on November 2, Sunday, again. She has around 13 million followers on Instagram.

Rihanna Reunites With Fans, Followers On Instagram

Her new photo shared on the platform has her head turned upside down. She captioned it as “Hellurr #badgalback.” Later she also posted several other posts that included a drawing of her and the Instagram logo holding hands.

The pop singer’s Instagram account was suspended earlier this year in May after she posted some racy pictures on her feed. Now, after her feed is back on track, Instagram too celebrated her reunity by tweeting a link of the cute illustration.

Earlier, before her topless photo being the reason of temporary suspension of account, RiRi stirred up trouble by posting a photo of her next to an Abu Dhabi mosque. Her one more picture too was troublesome that resulted with the arrest of two Thai men. It was a picture with an endangered animal.

In her recent sharing Rihanna mostly posted photos of her disguised as Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Halloween. She also didn’t lack in sharing an illustrated photo of her in bikini.