Home Lifestyle Rihanna Dines Alone In De Silvano Restaurant, NYC

Rihanna Dines Alone In De Silvano Restaurant, NYC


Usually Rihanna is seen with pals but on Friday night she was alone.

The 26-year-old dined alone at De Silvano restaurant in the New York City. She often visits the Italian restaurant. Several times she has been snapped too earlier.

Rihanna Dines Alone In De Silvano Restaurant, NYC

In her recent visit the superstar was dressed in striking low-slung patchwork jeans that looked like boxers peeking over the top to some extent. Her toned torso was revealed.

She wore huge green furry coat too to beat the chilling weather. The coat was was emblazoned with patches and all the eyes were on her for the evening.

Rihanna carried a natural-look with minimum make-up. Her radiant complexion could be seen.

Her nails were bright orange and she wore a slick of pink lipstick. Her hair was in messy and voluminous waves.

De Silvano is decades old Italian restaurant. It was opened in 1975. It is one of the most successful restaurants in NYC.

Earlier this month Rihanna had to undergo a thorough security check before taking a flight out of Miami. She had to remove all the jewelries from her body and clothing piece-by-piece to finally silent the metal detector from beeping.

The singer, born as Robyn Fenty, was in dark tresses in a high ponytail. She had donned a black choker along with a series of chains and delicate necklaces as well. A leather biker jacket was wrapped around her shoulders.