Recently Divorced Gwyneth And Chris Spotted Dinning Together

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin appear to be the friendliest exes ever. The recently-divorced stars were seen grabbing dinner together at the Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica.

The famous couple tried their very best to keep the meal as low key as possible, an even snuck out to the back in order to avoid making a scene.

Recently Divorced Gwyneth And Chris Spotted Dinning Together

Gwyneth opted for a black blazer and shirt with pulled down hair and minimum make-up, while Chris went for a casual green t-shirt and trousers.

The Coldplay lead talked about “conscious uncoupling” with Paltrow BBC Radio One last month. He said that even though you can be with someone very wonderful, because of your own issues that cannot be celebrated in the right way. He also said that he doesn’t want to go through life scared of love, rejection or failure.

Talking about the inspiration behind the band’s latest album Ghost Stories, he said that according to him everyone needs to be aware of the failures in life and that is what they did in Ghost Stories, being honest about the failures of life.

Eye witness at the Giorgio Baldi said the two were in great mood throughout the dinner that lasted around two hours. Both laughed and enjoyed the meal along with some drinks. At around 10 p.m. they moved out of the place together and shared the same car even though they live separated now.


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