Rapper 50 Cent apologizes for criticizing the disabled CVG Worker

The American rapper, actor and investor Curtis James Jackson III, also known as 50 Cent, wrote an apology letter to the disabled CVG worker whom he criticized in his selfie video.

He wrote in the letter that it all happened because of ‘misunderstanding’, and he didn’t say anything intentionally.

It has been reported that the 50 Cent, was at CVG when he saw the guy named Andrew Farrell. He thought at the moment that he was drunk or was on drugs. And hence posted a selfie video on twitter, berating him for being high on work.

The family of the Farrell, then came against that video saying that Farrell wasn’t high on work. ‘He has disability and suffers from social anxiety’.

However, after knowing the truth, 50 Cent apologized for what he said in video.


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