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Radio Legend Casey Kasem Hospitalized; Condition Critical


Radio legend Casey Kasem was rushed to hospital from a friend’s home earlier remains in critical condition, says St. Anthony’s Hospital spokesman Scott Thompson.

The 83-year-old former America’s Top 40 host suffers from Lewy body is receiving round-the-clock medical care. He is receiving blood pressure support medicine, antibiotics through IVs and care for his bed sores. He is alert and appears comfortable.

Radio Legend Casey Kasem

Lewy body is a condition that shares some specific symptoms with Parkinson’s disease.

Kasem’s wife and actress Jean Kasem was spotted throwing raw hamburger meat at daughter Kerri before allowing her to get in along with the emergency responders. To clarify the reasons behind her act she said throwing a piece of raw meat into the street was for the exchange of her husband to the wild rabid dogs.

About the condition of Kasem the PR company of Kerri tweeted that a patient can be listed as critical and stable if though the condition is poor but not further deteriorating.

Last week a judge granted the daughter to pay visits to Kasem regularly. She and her sisters had claimed Jean Kasem has ferried away their father to unaware location.