Race Between Ferrari And Lamborghini Ended In A Terrifying Incident

When a street race between a Lamborghini and Ferrari went wrong in Surabaya, East Java because the driver of the Lambo lost control. The supercar ended up in wrecks, crushing three innocent people who just happened to be in the neighborhood and killing one of them.

Footage released
Footage released
Footage shows a 24-year-old driver hanging out of the window of his wrecked super car after the horrific accident. It’s being said that he was trying to call for help.

Attempting to escape the car
to escape
The driver Wiyang Lautner, can be seen texting and talking over the phone as he tried to get out of the car.

Fatally injured and killed
Fatally injured
Three people were fatally injured in the course of the accident. They just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The race went wrong
wrong race
It was a street race between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari gone wrong that caused the accident.

The driver, Wiyang Lautner, was detained after allegedly losing control over his super car and accidently hitting a middle-aged couple and a street vendor waiter, breaking their legs, and even killing the man of the couple.

Footage released

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