Prosecutors Say Domestic Violence Case Dropped For Paul Simon, Edie Brickell

Paul Simon and his wife Edie Brickell are now free from the legal case related to the domestic violence charges.

On June 17, Tuesday, the prosecutors said the two have dropped the case.

According to the Norwalk Connecticut, the prosecutors have told a judge that 72-year-old Simon and 48-year-old Brickell have declined to pursue the case, which means the charges will be dropped first and thereafter to be erased away after thirteen months.

However, the singer and his wife did not appear at the Norwalk Superior Court today.

The couple were arrested on April 26 on disorderly conduct charges at their New Canaan, Connecticut home.

Los Angeles Times reports the cops were called by them on the same day by dialing 911 from the same address. Brickell told to the police Simon did something that broke her heart and she slapped him.

Simon confirmed he had called 911 to call the police. Due to the dispute he also suffered a tiny cut to his ear and Brickell had a bruise on her wrist.

In the disorderly conduct, as reported, it is alleged Brickell slapped Simon and both got into a shoving match thereafter.

Both were released from jail on April 27 morning.

Last month both left court hand in hand and told to the media people there that they still love each other. The two also told to Judge William Wenzel that the spat was just atypical of their relationship and now no threat is posed for both from each other.

The couple married in 1992.


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