Probably the best and easiest homemade recipe to lose weight

We all want to have an athlete type body but most of us don’t have much time for exercising and all.

So, what we should do to get rid of the unwanted fat.

Well, there is one option with which you can lose around 4-7 KG in a month.

The recipe requires a lemon, 2 cinnamon sticks, half teaspoon of ground ginger, half teaspoon of ground cumin seeds and a cup of water.

Now, add the ginger and cumin seeds ground in a bowl and stir well. Then add the cinnamon stick and kept the mixture on fire until it the water starts to boil.

Now filter the liquid in a cup or glass. Then squeeze lemon in it. If you like little sweet then you can add honey to the mixture after adding lemon.

Mix them well and drink.

Drink the homemade medicine twice a day and you will notice change within a month.

NOTE – Not Advised for Blood Pressure Patients.


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