Prisoner Attempts Jail Break In Shawshank Redemption Style

A prisoner in a local police station of Brazil attempted escape from his cell in the most disturbing way possible.Desperate times, desperate measures as they say-the prisoner attempted to escape through the TOILET! (Shawshank Redemption much?)

Things did not end quite well for him as he was caught escaping by the policemen at the other end of the clogged sewage pipes. The disturbing video shows him escaping from his cell, completely covered in s**t. The video was uploaded on and has 150,000 views as of today.

Watch the video below to know his fate:

The man attempted escape from the prison, and..
..came out of the sewage pipes completely covered in poop.

Soon, he realized that he has been caught red-handed

He tried to delay his exit from the disgusting place
his exit

But one of the men caught his legs and started pulling him out
his legs


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