Prince Harry Made To Repair TV In Chile For Soccer Fans

Whereever Prince Harry goes, it is a news. Now he is in Chile and the news is more interesting there.

Yes, Prince William’s younger brother Prince Harry repairs a TV there. He is on a three-day official trip.

Prince Harry Made To Repair TV In Chile For Soccer Fans

On Saturday the 29-year-old prince visited impoverished village of El Vergel and there one of the families put him to work to repair at TV set so that they can watch the world cup football match of their soccer team playing against Brazil.

Later the family said the prince was the only one to take note of their television issue that it was not working properly.

The family comprised of 50-year-old Coca Perez, her teenage son and a daughter.

She said, “He looked at it and he started to fiddle with the cable… He managed to get it working so we could watch Chile playing Brazil later. Now I can tell everyone that Prince Harry is my TV repair man!”

The village is in hilly area and earlier in April fifteen people were killed here and families in hundreds became homeless due to wildfires.

The prince met fans and children at a kindergarten and firefighters. He was also presented with a Chile Beer hat by a family while meeting them outside a fire station.

Before visiting Chile, Prince Harry was in Brazil.


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