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Prince George Learns To Walk Before His First Birthday


According to a newly released photo of Prince George on this Tuesday, 22 July; he is seen taking his first steps in denim overalls prior to turning 1 year old.

The super cute photo featuring the Duke’s and Duchess of Cambridge’s little prince just before his first birthday tells the world how big and strong their baby boy is now!

Prince George Learns To Walk Before His First Birthday

The little royal walks with both arms stretched in the air. With Bateau denim and navy blue shirt matched with a pair of Alex Pre-Walker shoes, the English Prince makes a grinning face. The perfect light blonde locks with chubby cheeks add-on to the Prince’s cuteness.

The photograph is credited to the photographer John Stillwell from Press Association when the royal family was out on a visit to “Sensational Butterflies” exhibition on July 2 in the Natural History Museum. The exhibition includes caterpillars, various moths and butterflies and is open till September 14.

Stillwell calls the little Guy in Denim “Lively, confident, determined and sure of himself who looks like his father, William.” The royals were invited by the Museum that asked them to bring Prince George too, for his upcoming birthday.”

The birthday celebrations have been unfurled with mother Kate, throwing an indoor tea party which shall witness all royal and Middleton families. The venue shall be their Kensington Palace home or outdoors in the garden if it turns out to be a good weather day. Numerous other pictures of the little royal Prince George are expected to be released on Monday, 21 July.