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Prince Charles, Wife Camilla Meets Veterans’ Families In Informal Affair


Prince Charles and his wife Camilla met the families Canadian soldiers who died on the line of duty in Afghanistan, in a private event on Monday.

This event, says a senior official, were purposely not included in the public schedule of the royal couple or their speeches, but it was something both of them really wanted to do, in private.

Prince Charles, Wife Camilla Met Veterans' Families In Informal Affair

The Government House of Halifax saw the gathering of some fifty people – families of the slain Canadian soldiers, saw the Prince speak on his support for the Canadian military, veterans and their families. The Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall were accompanied by two Canadian Forces officers, and they spoke to each family individually. The informal affair had tea, coffee, cookies and juice laid out for the royal couple and their guest at the Government House of Halifax. And although the circumstances of the meeting were sad, people were quite excited to meet the Prince and his wife, according to the officials present during the event.

Monday marked the first day of the royal couple visit to Canada. The couple were Nova Scotia on Monday, and they would be moving on to the Prince Edward Island on Tuesday, where they will be spending most of their time. The same night the royal couple would be flying off to Winnipeg which they will tour on Wednesday, before they return to England.

The support that the Prince has shown for the Canadian military, has been display the entire tour. The Prince visited the region Military Resource Centre in addition to Halifax on Monday, where he also met the participant of the Prince’s Charities Canada program and the Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur. Both are charity programs funded by the Prince, and the royal family .

Prince Charles has been said to be sensitive to his Canadian constitutional duties, which was displayed by the maple leaf pin that he wore and his reference to “…your Canadian Royal Family .”