President Barack Obama has joined Facebook

This isn’t a joke! President Barack Obama has joined Facebook!

He’s a father, a husband, a Harvard alumna with J.D. in law. He’s also the 44th President of the US and as of the 9th of November this year he is also a Facebook user. That’s right, the President has joined Facebook and his page has nothing to do with the campaign page, nor the one that’s being run by the White House.

Obama’s very own Facebook page has already gained more than 1.1 million likes, even though there are only two posts on it. The first one is from the 9th of November and it’s a 2 minute long video of Obama taking a walk in his “backyard” – a.k.a. the White House’s perfect gardens. The second post is a video tribute to the US military army. The President explained that he made the page as he wants to have a place where he can talk about “fun” and “interesting” things – a place, which isn’t run by his team of social media experts. Obama joining Facebook is a spectacular pieces of news having in mind the fact that as President, he doesn’t really have the time to check what’s trending on the social media. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop him from joining Twitter earlier this year.

The President made a Twitter account back in May and up to nowadays he has more than 5.14 million followers. His tweets are less than 170 and he’s following only 70 people on Twitter. Obama’s using the same picture for both his Facebook and Twitter profile pictures, although he has chosen to upload a private photograph of himself as his Facebook header. On the picture the President is standing on a boat and is facing the camera with his back while looking towards the horizon.

President Barack Obama

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