Pregnant woman lost her unborn after her own family ‘mutilated her genitals’

It was another horrifying example of ‘crime over women’, in which the husband mutilated his wife’s genitals despite she was six months pregnant, causing her unborn’s death.

According to the report, this was not the first attempt of such ‘attack’ but this time it was too far and hence the news flashed in media.

The 21-year-old woman from Takhar in Afghanistan is now struggling for her life in hospital.

Her mother later revealed that the husband called her after this horrifying attack and said “’I have killed your daughter come and take her”.

The Women’s Affairs Department of Takhar, condemned the incident and assured a proper investigation to the family of woman.

However, it is not clear if any action has been taken against the husband and the family who supported in such ‘cruel’ crime.


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