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Poppy Montgomery, Shawn Sanford Expecting Another Child


The Unforgettable stars Poppy Montgomery and Shawn Sanford are expecting another baby, and it’s a boy.

During ‘The Late Show with David Letterman,’ in which the star appeared, Montgomery revealed that she is pregnant with a boy.
“I’m far down the road of expecting,” she reportedly told David Letterman, adding that she is pregnant for 6 months.

Poppy Montgomery, Shawn Sanford Expecting Another Child

The star added that she had been hiding it until that very moment; she had been filming her show, and was doing all her stunts, leaping and running. She admitted that she didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want to be treated differently however now she does want that. She added that she now wants people to treat her specially, by giving her their seat or perhaps opening the doors. “I want to be a proud, pregnant action star,” added Montgomery. She later confirmed that it is a boy.

Montgomery and Sanford already have two other children, Jackson, 6, and daughter Violet who is just 14 months old.

Earlier this year the actress and her husband, Shawn secretly wed in a ceremony which was super confidential and casual. They got married at the Happiest Place on Earth, ‘Disneyland’. The star revealed in April that she ran with all of the children and got married at Disneyland.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse who are Disney’s two most famous characters, wore wedding dresses when they presided over the ceremony. Montgomery reportedly kept it very casual by just wearing jeans. She further added that the children actually paid more attention to Mickey and Minnie because they were in awe by seeing them.