Home News Police officer sacked for not ‘shooting’ a black man

Police officer sacked for not ‘shooting’ a black man


A police officer from west Virginia department got sacked because he failed to ‘shoot’ the black man as he thought, he (suspect) wasn’t danger.

It has been reported that the police officer, Stephen Mader, was called regarding a domestic dispute.

After reaching the spot, he found 23-year-old Ronald D. “R.J.” Williams Jr. was holding a loaded gun.

Mader at first asked him to gun down, as a normal police procedure, but in reply Williams asked to shoot him.

The officer then replied ‘I am not going to shoot you, brother”.

Mader who was previously in marine Corps thought that he (Williams) wasn’t danger and that’s why he was talking to him.

However, minutes later another officer came and shot him to death.

Later, Mader received a call from a superior officer who gave administrative leave.