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Police did something ‘amazing’ to handover the ‘memories’ of a man whose wife died just after wedding


Dave Lacey is extremely happy now and reason why he is happy will also bring smile on your face.

#1 He was married to his love of life Erica, who unfortunately died two years ago of Lymphoma.

#2 Before her death, a burglary took place at their home, in which several things were stolen including a camera, containing several ‘memories’.

#3 After Erica died, Dave was left alone.

#4 But recently, Police caught the burglar by tracking down a computer which he had stolen.

#5 Among several ‘stolen’ goods, they found Dave’s camera.

#6 Officers looked into the camera for clues. One officer recognized a tree in one photo.

#7 Finally, they reached at the place where tree was.

#8 After a bit investigation, they tracked Dave and returned back his camera.

#9 The camera which has sweet ‘memories’ of her wife.