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Plans for the WALKING DEAD season 12?


The famous comic series Walking Dead is all set to unfurl another season of zombie-filled adventure.

According to David Alpert, who is the executive producer of the series, the current season ‘adventures of Rick Grimes and Co’ will go on for some more time.

Plans for the WALKING DEAD season 12

He says that he is happy and content with working for season 10 from all the source material because they have an interesting plot and a pretty good idea regarding what their 10th season will be like. Kirkman said that none of the characters are safe, quoting an example of Ezekiel from season seven.

At a Producers Guild of America panel, he disclosed the fact that they have given it a thought about season 11 and 12 and have also set benchmarks and milestones to get there if everything goes fine.

The source material for this series is Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s comic series that is currently nearing 130 issues. Kirkman seems to be determined about continuing these plans for at least many years to come. He says that he plans on doing as many as 300 issues or more. He further adds that since the whole saga pleases him a lot, he doesn’t want to end it and just in case if it fails to appeal him, he might consider ending it soon.

Talking about the popularity, The Walking Dead is till now the highest-rated show in 18-49 demographic and is aired routinely on cable and broadcast.