People are paying money to spend a night in prison

The officials of Telangana, India have started an innovative program, which they named ‘feel the jail’.

In this program, people are made to live in 220-year-old prison to observe the life and condition of the prisoners of that time.

People are charged around $8 for each 24 hours they spend in the prison and during their stay, they are provided prison uniforms, meal in steel plates and glass, soap as well as other facilities according to the prison manual.


As per as Indian jail manual, the prisoners have to wake up at shark 5AM and after clearing all the morning stuff, they are served tea at 6.30AM.

Breakfast time is around 7.30 and lunch time is 10.30-11AM.

Dinner is served at 5PM and at sharp 6PM, they are all again put into the cell.


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