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People are deleting Pokémon Go for a Genuine Reason


I believe that if you are reading this post, you have probably heard about the latest sensational mobile game, called Pokémon Go.

The game has crossed several milestones in no time. This game has broken several records, in just few days of launching.

But wait, most people have uninstalled the app (game) from their phone and the reason is very genuine.

#1 The makers of this game, Niantic and Nintendo, reportedly collecting several information of the users – including information which are not useful to them i.e. information which cannot be used to improve gaming experiences.

#2 Anyone who signed in using their Google Account is sharing (unknowingly) their every information related to that email including Photos, Emails, Documents, Past Location History, Search History etc.

#3 Not only this, they can also send email using your email id.