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Pals Reveal Childhood Secrets Of Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence is now considered as the brightest young star in Hollywood, but there are few different secrets in her life that just got revealed.

Three of the closest pals of Lawrence have spilled the bean saying the star was wild as a Kentucky schoolgirl.

Pals Reveal Childhood Secrets Of Jennifer Lawrence

Presently the Oscar-winner is dating British rock god Chris Martin.

The pals also shared few photos of the star that are never before seen. She was a boisterous teen and has some hilarious childhood pranks too during her school days. The trio said in one of the pranks she was almost thrown out of the school. In another prank her family home almost burned down.

Her pals added further how Lawrence had fallen madly in love with Coldplay’s Chris Martin. The 24-year-old used to think about starting a family with him and also use to dream a Kentucky church wedding.

The three pals who revealed the past secrets of the Hunger Games star are Kaley Seldon, Erika Vance, and Erin Spaulding. They are now aged 23 and are proud of Jennifer.

They are friends of Jennifer from very young age when they were just five. They met at a local church in Louisville. Even today they are in close contact to Jennifer despite her illustrious career.

In the shared photos Jennifer as a child is pictured fooling around with friends. She made faces to the lens, which is said to be her early signs of becoming a star.