Only one energy drink a day could raise your risks of developing a type of heart related disease

Many people believe that drinking energy drinks on regular basis might be a good idea, especially if they need an energy rush, but the sugary, caffeine and chemical induced drinks can actually do more damage than you can imagine.

Energy drinks affect hormones in our bodies, which is why we get an energy rush when we drink them, regardless of high or low caffeine levels they have. Studies show that people, who drank only one big can of Rockstar, Red Bull, or any other similar brand, increased the stress hormone levels in their bodies with 74% approximately half an hour after they’ve finished the drink! Compared to the most popular brands, the fake brands showed a 31% increase. The blood pressure increase the energy drink causes is approximately 6.4%.

The increase in the stress hormone is what causes the rise in blood pressure and it affects your heart’s contacting ability. As a result, this creates an arousal and brain alertness. Such artificial stimulators can mess up with your body in dangerous ways, as all of these body changes that occur after only one energy drink can and eventually will raise your risks of developing heart-related problems. According to certified cardiologists, the energy drinks young adults drink on regular basis, can strongly affect their health in severe ways. Not only can they lead to irregular heartbeat and impossibly high blood pressure, but they can even result in a heart attack or a stroke.

Experts claim that drinking one energy drink per day is extremely dangerous, especially if you already have heart-related problems or if you have developed any type of a heart disease


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