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One Direction Launches New Music Video


One Direction, one of the top most boy bands of Britain has premiered the music video for new single, ‘You and I’. Shot over Clevedon Pier a month back the video puts the love song firmly on a visually romantic pedestal.

The song is third of the singles that were part of One’s Direction’s 2013 album ‘Midnight Memories’ to be released on video. The first two were ‘Story of My life’ and ‘Best song ever’. You and I is an emotive ballad would be launched sometime in last week of May. The band is right now busy with another music video launched at the premiere of the band’s concert movie ‘This is Us’.

One Direction Launches New Music Video

The band members really seem to have become men in this serious video that’s a mile away from their earlier playful boy videos. The band chose the old pier called the most ‘beautiful’ pier of England by poet John Betjeman for their single. The video shot amid high winds keeps the boys on the move showing some serious attitude. Not only is the group sporting more mature hairstyle they’re also keeping to serious expressions.

Already there have been several Instagram teasers of the video showing us what it would be all about. They come in wake of the rumors that one of the band members Zayn Malik has teamed for future collaboration with Naughty Boy for the next 1D record.  The teasers show the song has been shot using simple clips and clever editing morphing the band members together.

The group has been attired casually in the video and are seen wearing similar jumpers blending into each other as the song moves through toward the end where they appear together. Gary Barlow of the Take That fame looks cool in his beard while Louis Tomlinson is seen sporting long hair. Wearing a brooding look the boys go on to transform seamlessly into the other till the video is over so that any point you just see one of them. Really an excellent concept brought on board by Ben Winston who has directed the band’s three other videos.