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On the day that Michael Jackson died Google blocked searches related to Jackson’s death for 30 minutes


Wikipedia, Twitter , TMZ, AOL’s Instant Messenger and The Los Angeles Times crashed on the day of Michael Jackson’s death, because they experienced excessive user overload. Google also suffered severe problems with its search engine to such a point that they felt the need to block all searches, which were related to Jackson’s death, because they believed they were under a DDoS attack. The blockage lasted for about 30 minutes before the officials at Google realized what was going on and why millions and millions of people were typing Michael Jackson’s name in the search engine.

On the other hand, the inflow to websites like The Los Angeles Times and TMZ was so excessive that the sites crashed. The AOL Instant Messenger was down for nearly 40 minutes, while Twitter also crashed for an undisclosed amount of time. As for Wikipedia, they reported that the site went down around 22:15 UTC on the same day, since Jackson’s page hit nearly a million visits over the course of one hour – something the servers simply could not handle. According to the report, this was the most visited page on Wikipedia in a one hour period of time.

The King of Pop was found dead at the age of 50 on the 25th of June 2009 in his house in Los Angeles, California, US. The news of his decease sparked a humongous emotional wave amongst fans and other celebrities from all across the world. Even nowadays he’s still on top of Forbes’ list for highest paid dead celebrities. He has been #1 on the list ever since 2010 with a total of $140 million in post-mortem earnings. His net worth was estimated as $1.1 billion in USD back in 2009.