OMG! This boy was living a normal life until this happened

We all always wish for ourselves, for our families, for our friend to be safe in the world.

And the same was done this two year old’s mother, but unfortunately kid had to go through a serious accident in which he lost his ability to speak and walk.

Actually, the kid, known as Tripp, met with an accident in which a tree fallen on him.

In the horrifying accident, he lost his ability to walk and talk after getting severe brain injury.

However, he after sometime manage to walk using a walking tool but was still unable to talk.

But one day, her mother brought a remote and said to him “if he wants to switch on the TV then after pressing the remote’s button he needs to say ‘ON’, and the TV will become on”.

Amazingly, this trick worked and he by the time started saying “ON”.

His whole family got a new hope that he would surely become perfectly fine in future.

Well, we hope too…


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